Our Team

Mahesh MahadeshwarManaging Director

• Mahesh possesses very sharp business acumen, despite being a first generation Entrepreneur. His total experience spans over two decades in various initiatives from trading, technology, services & govt contracts etc.
• He is a commerce graduate from Mumbai University & has a very strong knowledge of Business, finance, accounts, statute & compliance
• He is very down to earth, simple & humane by nature with a very large appetite towards taking risks, he is self made & been successful in most of his endeavours.
• His belief is honesty & simplicity will get success
• His vision is to lead a simple life & spread value along the way
• Socially responsible his interests lie in various charities in rural Maharashtra, enabling young & supporting the old.

Tejinder Singh TandonDirector – CEO

• Tejinder is a competent Professional, with very strong entrepreneurial traits & an excellent aptitude for Processes/ Operations, topped with a passion towards people’s development.
• He is a dynamic hardcore Operations hand with an eye for detailing, he is a commerce graduate with a wealth of over thirty years of experience straddling various industry leaders in financial services, Telecom & IT services et al.
• A team builder, his simple & straight style drives change for effective execution leading to a trustworthy organizational culture
• He mentors user functions within the organization & Client teams to devise strategies aimed at aligning people, processes & policies towards achieving the desired business outcomes
• He demonstrates extraordinary ability in risk assessment, decision making & business management, also strongly believes in the sharing of experiences and knowledge
• He is a master in turning around businesses from RED to GREEN & also possesses strong BPR capabilities.
• Last but not the least; he is an exceptional Human Being, honest to the core, hardworking, aggressive to the hilt & eternally positive.

Sanjeev Mali – Chief Operating Officer – COO

• Sanjeev is a very hardworking & a ‘street-smart’ professional, who believes in a hands-on approach to his work. Accessibility & warmth makes people working with him seek his guidance often.
• He is a commerce graduate from Mumbai University with Diploma in electronics. He has over two decades of varied experience in Sales, IT, Procurement, Facility setup & operations management, he has always been “the go to man” for the management in his career.
• He is compassionate, honest & always upholds his values.
• He aims to work honestly & provide opportunities & groom the not so high flying, but deserving candidates.
• He believes in the dictum “Live & let Live”.