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Process Summary

Employee Leasing Services / Temp Staffing


  • Temp staffing needs are serviced through our time tested and budget -bound approach; the employees administratively are on the rolls of CD Infotech Pvt. Ltd. While functionally reporting in to client at site, the arrangement is a co-employment between a Client, CD Infotech & the Employee
  • This enables Clients to maximize internal resources to focus on core business & makes scaling/ downsizing relatively convenient
  • Administratively on the rolls of CD Infotech Pvt. Ltd.
  • Functionally reporting in to client
  • Scaling/ downsizing relatively convenient.
  • The process involves Recruiting staff directly, we do not hire through third party.
  • One the person has been selected offer latter is issued, then his residence address is verified, telephonic reference check is done as per client requirement, first blood relation or other then blood relation, Original document are sighted and photocopy is kept in office for future if required.
  • Once the attendance, Overtime, is received from the clients, processed with statutory compliance. Salary is processed in their respective bank account, Leaves management , advances are managed by us

Payroll Processing


Payroll management can be quite a challenge for the new & old business owner. There are so many state and National laws regulating body, which is difficult for any business owner to focus because there are amendments from time to time. Failure to do so could result in heavy fines–or worse. This keeps the business owner out of trouble with the law and saves time that can be devoted to something else in the business.


While outsourcing payroll to CD Infotech Pvt Ltd be rest assured we maintains highest standard of security and confidentiality of your data. We are very flexible and fast to process the salary of your staff. We offer end to end payroll solutions. We start right from scratch i.e Creating Employment Master to disbursement of the salary in their Bank Account. We seamlessly migrate and process your staff salary with help software and take care of entire statutory compliance to Income tax calculation


Payroll Processing components are leave management, F & F processing, Standard Reports & MIS, Employee query handling, Pay slips e-mailing, SMS Salary disbursement, statutory compliance/ deduction and Tax computation/ advice

Any employer regardless the count of staff can think of outsourcing to us

Data Entry/ Digitization, Application Form Processing, Back Office


  • Data Entry/ Data Digitization, Application Form Processing


CD Infotech offers Application Form Processing, Data digitization, Catalog conversion, Image processing, Data formatting etc. We do online and offline data entry & application form processing from hard copy or image in Software provided by client or through remotely logging into their server. We work round the clock so that we are able to maintain Turnaround time for our client.


  • Scanning, Image Processing, Indexing, Image Archiving & Retrieval


We are experts in Bulk scanning, Indexing and Archiving. Strict quality parameters are observed to ensure the highest level of accuracy. We provide cost effective services to scan all types of hard copy documents using the latest technology along with post scanning techniques as per the client‘s requirement.



  • Back Office

 The back office is the part of a company which is not client-facing. So all processes such as settlements, clearances, record maintenance, regulatory compliance, accounting and IT services etc. qualify to be outsourced, any activity which does not directly generate revenue for a company, but is critical & important for providing data to all business functions related to its operations is generally outsourced.


In our existing processes, we login into client application through point to point VPN connectivity to make sure the data is secured, we act as extended office of our Client, enabling them to have a better scope of increasing or downsizing the Manpower, without directly creating, providing & maintaining the infrastructure.

Call Center Services – Voice

1.Customer Serviceas the term suggests is to ensure that post sales or acquisition, the customer is happy with the product or service for which the engagement is in force & that timely resolution, assistance, information is provided through highest service levels


At CD Infotech our agent’s makes outbound call to existing customer solve their queries and as well as promote the product & services to them. By doing this we have been successful in assisting, acquiring & servicing the customers, which has resulted in effective improvement of portfolio & wider prospect


2.Lead Generation is most effective presales process through outbound Tele calling, it is a personal marketing and sales lead generation technique that offers a result oriented & in sync with new era of digital marketing, event, print media , field sales etc


3.Sales is a method of direct marketing in which a sales personsolicits prospective customers to buy products or services, over the phone. Sales can also include recorded sales pitches programmed to be played over the phone via automatic dialing


4.Retention: Certain issues and/or miscommunication which creates possibility of losing a customer. These customers are called, a patient hearing helps understand the issue, a suitable resolution is provided, waivers and/ or freebies are used as retention tools based on the situation.


5.Collection is conducted by calling customers whose outstanding payments are overdue or about to be due. Customers are politely requested to make the payment in order to enjoy uninterrupted services. A Field executive makes a visit and collects the payment.


6.Survey – Customer satisfaction surveys help companies’ to measure satisfaction, identify unhappy customers and find potential customers. For companies, customer satisfaction ratings can have powerful effects. We cream online customer satisfaction surveys points included are what customers are saying about you? Want to improve customer loyalty? Would great online reviews help your business? In a competitive marketplace, it’s critical to know exactly what your customers think. Online customer satisfaction surveys give you the feedback you need to keep customers happy and turn them into advocates.


 7.Customer Profiling,updation & Currentization is a smart way of realizing value on existing portfolio. By deploying Strategic teleservices aided with Field support, we can work on data segmentation and analysis to help you in forecasting & strategizing.

We can update and enhance your existing customer database by getting current contact

status, updated addresses, e-mail ID & any other relevant detail.

Field supported Services


CD Infotech has a strong Team of Field Executives in Mumbai. Our HR team directly acquires talent from various channels including references. Proper Induction, extensive training & care ensures retention & productivity. Our Clients prefer us for high quality, quick Turn around Time and technology driven field processes.


  1. Pipeline Gas , Electric or Utility Meter Reading


We have been engaged by Government & Public Sector companies to get meter reading of Retails & Commercial consumers in Mumbai, Thane and Navi Mumbai. The process demands physical visit, but is entirely technology driven. The data is downloaded on a smart phone. Meter serial number & reading is captured along with photograph. ‘We missed you card’ is left behind in case consumer is not available, later re-visited to capture details. Automated real time status & MIS available.

  1. Address Verification & KYC


It is mandatory as per respective regulatory authorities for Telecom, Banking, Financial Services , Insurance, Capital market services etc. to conduct Address/ Credit verification & KYC before any financial transactions, Facilities, Credit limits, loans etc.


The customer details such as address, personal details, references and documents need to be thoroughly validated.  Verification is done through field visit in a defined turnaround time. Mobile Application is used to capture real time data, location and images. After desk authentication and tele-verification, reports are sent to the client for further processing. Our delivery model is structured around proper selection, training, following the right process and a strong audit mechanism.


  1. Cheque & Cash Pickup


Pick-up services for Cash, Cheque, Demand drafts and/or banking business documents is taken on behalf of the client (Telecom, FMCG etc).

Validation/ verification and reconciliation procedures are followed for further processing & the security guidelines are strictly adhered to achieve desired results.


  1. Field Survey


We have the ability to conduct various types of surveys pre-launch, post launch, ongoing customer satisfaction & many specific customized activities.

In addition we can provide tele calling support & data analysis of the details captured during the interview.

Technology support & effective field force management helps us deliver & meet client expectations.

Accounts Management

1.Accounts Payable/ Accounts Receivable Accounts Payable – Inwarding of bills, Approval and Supporting documents as per policy check list, Approving accounting Entries, Posting accounting Entries in system, Printing of Cheques, Dispatch of Cheques etc.

Accounts Receivable – Receipt of list of outstanding payments, Telecalling and Field Visits, Query/Dispute Resolution, Collection of Cheques, Deposition of Cheques etc.


2. Accounts Reconciliation

This is a Semi-Automated Process between two databases like Purchase List, Reversal List, Bank-book, Bank Statement, Cash Management Statement, Loan Account, inventory & stock etc.